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Refund Policy

We follow a no refund policy

However, where the client requests in writing to cancel his order within 6 hours from the time of making payment / processing of order by us whichever is earlier. Our company officials will consider the merits of the case & decide upon the refund. in such cases also, amount of refund cannot exceed 50.00% of the amount paid by client.

It is hereby expressly provided that where client requests for cancellation / refund of fees after 6 hours of making payment / processing of order by us whichever is earlier, no refund claims will be entertained. decision on refunds taken by our company shall be final & binding upon the client.

Refund in cases of non-delivery of service on acoount of non submission of documents / details by the applicant.

If the client fails to submit his document / OTP / provide details which is required to process the application, such cases will be treated as non coorperation from clients end and no refund will be allowed.

Turn Around Time(TAT) for refund determination and credit in client's account.

Any refund request by clients are sent to our account's department.
Turn Around Time(TAT) for determination of refund is 10-12 working days from the time of refund requested.
Any refund determined in favour of client takes 7-10 working days to get credited to client's account.


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