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Import and Export license is the identification number that is an essential key part of the business for importers and exporters which consist of a 10 digit code with lifetime validity. It is issued by the DGFT. The importer and exporter must have an IEC number granted by the Directorate General of the Foreign Trade (DGFT) to be able to do import and export in India.

IEC is required for importers and exporters if they are providing the service or technology and seeking benefits under the Foreign Trade Policies. Any of the firms like Partnership, Proprietorship, LLP, Company, Trust and Society can obtain the IEC which is the same as the PAN number after the announcement of GST. IEC is mandatory if you want to import or export in the country. With the liberalization of the economic policies in 1991, the regulations and promotion of the import and export trade businesses started to rise with the proper guidance and regulations under the DGFT.

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) is an organization that is attached to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and is controlled by the DGFT. There are 24 regional offices under DGFT which are located all over India and the headquarter is situated in New Delhi. The main objective of headquarters is to research, formulate, and implement the rules and regulations. The DGFT issues the authorization for exporters and monitors the corresponding obligations.

What documents are required for an import-export license?

The following documents are required for the import and export registration:

  • PAN card of the individual or company.
  • Aadhar card copy of the individual or company.
  • Voter Id card copy of the individual.
  • Copy of the property paper and if the property is rented copy of the rent agreement.
  • Copy of the Electricity bill (to know the power usage of the company or firm).
  • Self-declaration application form for the delivery of the IEC certificate at the registered post.

Procedure to get import export license in India

These are the steps you need to follow to get the import-export license in India :

  • To get the import-export license first fill the application form for registration.
  • Upload a copy of the Aadhar card and PAN card for verification and identification of address proof.
  • Check all the details before submission of the application form.
  • Complete the payment to get the IEC license in your registered email.
  • The application will be processed by experts and after the confirmation and verification license will be provided to your mail

Importance of import-export code in India

The IEC number is essential for importers and exporters in India which is issued by the DGFT(Directorate General of Foreign Trade). It is a 10 digit unique code number i.e. useful for the import and export of services and technology and it provides special recognition from the Government of India to importers and exporters.

It will be helpful to expand your products and services in the global market and assist you in the growth of the business. Companies can avail various benefits for their imports and exports from DGFT such as export promotion council, customs etc. depending on the IEC registration. There is no need for compliance and annual maintenance after registration.

Difference between Import Export Code (IEC) and Import License

Import Export Code Import License
IEC is the most essential document required for import and export in India. An import license is required for the import of goods without delay.
To get the IEC applicant has to fill the online application form. To get the Import license, applicants have to fill the ANF-2M form in the DGFT portal or manually.
For any activities related to import and export, IEC is required. An import license is required when an importer has to import the product which is listed under the restricted items and to import the goods from the United States.
From registration to submission of application forms, all the process is online and paperless. The ANM-2M can be filed online but submission is offline/manually.

Why Us?

If you want the Import and Export number, you can also apply for it by visiting the Import Export Code Registration portal. The complete process is online, quick and hassle-free. The one step towards the registration of the IEC number will help you avail of various benefits and recognition from the government of India.

If you are an importer or exporter then you can get registered in IEC to grow your import-export business in India. We will provide you with a complete guide, and support to get the import and export code.

Our services

We provide the best services to our customers with transparency and integrity. Our main goal is to provide customer satisfaction and quick helpdesk support. The quick and easy process will provide you with hassle-free registration. Some of our services are following :

  • IEC registration facility is available for Importers and exporters
  • e-digital signature registration facility
  • Easy filing of complaints by using order no.
  • Track the complaint by using order no. provided by the IEC portal.

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